Brand Specific Event Promotion

Brand Specific Sports Promotion


Every kind of Sporting event can be catered for the specific company/brand/product that it’s designed to optimize its reach for. How this is achieved depends entirely on the strategic planning of each kind of sport that’s being promoted. From how it’s promoted, to the actual audience experience, to the post-event highlights, we can cover this all.

Whether it’s a simple product launch (such as a new housing scheme or a promotional offer) or to increase brand value, how it’s portrayed and aligned with a specific sports activity really affects the ROI of the marketing campaign.


Pre Event Marketing Strategy


Every event has to be marketed before it happens, but how to market an event is the secret sauce to make it a success! From the emotions behind the athletes to what this event means to the sporting community in question, we have been through these (with excellent results) in various campaigns.

Our events and premarketing strategies focus solely on the audience and product/brand in question, to customize and ensure that the two end goals meet and create a symbiotic relationship with one another, ensuring the maximum amount of attention in order to build a deep-rooted relationship between the brand and the event.

Post Event Promotions

As one of Pakistan’s leading Sports Consultants and Event Managers in Pakistan, we know that the branding and marketing opportunities don’t end when the event does! In fact, in many cases, the highlights of an event allows those who were there to relive each moment of excitement they experienced, and for those who were unable to make it, a yearning to ensure that they don’t miss the next one!

This is where our Digital Marketing Specialists come in handy, with our own team of editors and experts, to ensure that those highlight reels live on! getting more bang for your hard-earned bucks!



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