Digital and Traditional Marketing

Digital and Traditional Marketing in Pakistan both play a vital part of event promotions to this day. Getting the right balance of them both is where our industry-specific knowledge can prove to be invaluable, catered for each kind of event.

Digital marketing is a growing trend, and our team consists of Google Certified Digital Marketers, as well as Video Editors and Graphic Designers, ensuring that your event stands out from the rest!

Digital Marketing through Social Media

Although opening a social media page is free, running it may be worth paying for! Professionally edited posts and videos can make a huge difference on engagements and responses to your posts, as well as the overall look and feel to your brand.

The realms of Digital Marketing cover written posts, capturing images to making highlights to your event. Events that are advertised in this manner are usually stems for word-of-mouth advertising, and as we all know, we only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Website Design and Development

Having a well-crafted website that is SEO friendly is just as important as your social media page/s. Remember, Google is still the number one place everyone goes to nowadays to find information. It is therefore vital that your pages are well written and presented (by professional content writers) that will come up on Google Searches.

Along with well written content, video and imagery content, the format and response times of your website and web pages matter, as Google is always changing their algorithms to bring better made websites, more informative and responsive websites, directly to the top! So having a team to monitor this would always be advantageous.

Traditional Marketing through Newspaper Coverage

The newspaper industry worldwide has been experiences a rapid and consistent decline (due to the rise of online media consumption) but the authority of having your event covered by national newspapers is still as impressive today as it was 40 years ago.

Newspapers in Pakistan have dropped their circulation drastically but are always sent to every top government official every day, to it would be in front of the top echelon of society daily. The best use that we have seen of traditional marketing is that of making newspaper clips (relevant to your event) being transformed into an image and circulated online (after being published in the newspaper).

How we can help

We have many teams on stand by waiting to assist you with all aspects of Digital and Traditional Marketing, who have worked with us in the past and have always been reliable and dependable.

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